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This is a simple string class that I constructed as an assignment for one of my classes. Most programmers would just use C++'s built in string preprocessor, but it's a good exercise because in some cases you may need to write your own to serve your specific needs.
using namespace std;
class String {
    char* strval;     //holds string value
    int strln;           //holds length of string value
    String();           //initializes default value of null string
    String(char* s);   //initiializes string to value of cstring s
    //access functions
    bool operator==(const String s);   //true if value equal to s, else false
    bool operator(const String s);   //true if value greater than s, else false
    int length();                      //returns length of string value
/*    String operator+(String s); */    //returns concatenation of s to string value
    //modifier functions
    void tolowercase();
    //input/output functions
    //reads in string value from istream
    friend istream& operator>>(istream &strm, String &strng);
    //outputs string value to ostream
    friend ostream& operator<(String s)    //true if value greater than s, else false
    int shorter_len = ((strlns.strval[i]))
        return_value = true;
        if ((i==s.strln) && (strln>s.strln))
            return_value = true;
    return return_value;
int String::length()
 {return strln;}
istream& operator>>(istream& strm, String& strng)
 char* temp = new(char[101]);
    strm >> temp;
    for (strng.strln=0; strng.strln < strlen(temp); strng.strln++)
        *(strng.strval+strng.strln) = *(temp+strng.strln);
    return strm;
 delete [] temp;
ostream& operator<> s1;
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